Oh My Ghostess Ep 11 ShamzCapz- “Just A Little Longer” [Soon Ae]

Just as I thought Bong Sun backs out of resolving her grudge and instead legs it. But it was so heartbreaking to see Bong Sun’s smiley face and positive vibes when she explains how grateful she is to have Soon Ae as someone to confide in. Bong Sun stahp; I feel like your gonna be the one heartbroken and your face just won’t allow me to be happy!

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Soon Ae seems to have a repetitive phrase recently- “just a little longer”.

Sun Woo I never knew you could be slyly romantic. He takes Bong Sun with him to an interview so he can spend more time with her so he lies to the rest of the employees that she is also being interviewed. They both ago shopping to find her an outfit to change into as Sun Woo asks her to pose as the makeup artist. Not gonna lie I fell into the trap. So the typical kdrama scene of the man buying clothes whilst the women tries it on went on and I was like ah I had to see this coming. But then it turns out it was all just Bong Sun’s imagination because instead he just buys her all of the sale items. I see what you did there writers and I like it.

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At the interview Sun Woo gets asked what his ideal type is. He ends up descrbing Bong Sun and the interviewer notices so Bong Sun scrunch up her face in an attempt to look not so cute. I don’t think I can ever view Park Bo Young as anything but cute.

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It’s so funny how before Soon Ae was the one literally pouncing on every opportunity to have sex, but now it’s Sun Woo instead. Bong Sun ends up having to sleep in Sun Woo’s room due to a flooding and she tries to avoid him at all costs by pretending she’s asleep. Sun Woo however thinking she’s asleep attempts to climb into bed but he flys off as soon as she feels him get closer. Sun Woo I feel your frustration, I mean she was literally throwing herself at you and now she’s using your reasoning for not wanting the D. Peak times bruh!

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Hye Young after hearing from So Hyung that Sun Woo has moved onto another woman offers her match making service to Bong Sun determined to get her away from Sun Woo. Instead she pisses him off to the point that he ends up accidently burning Seo Joon. Bong Sun noticing helps Seo Joon apply ointment etc. but Sun Woo seeing them being chummy gets the wrong idea.

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It probably doesn’t help that Seo Joon offers the last ice cream to Bong Sun so everyone assumes they’re a couple and begin to congratulate them. Sun Woo gets jealous pretty quick.

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FINALLY another piece of the puzzle! So when Bong Sun goes to visit her father she discovers that her cause of death was a suicide. It doesn’t of course add up since Soon Ae had no reason to take her life. I guess that explains why her father still is struggling to move on. A flashback shows us that she to bought a vacation for her family for her father’s birthday making it even more of a mystery as to why she resulted to suicicde. Then she had to do the most stupidest thing by taking her diary to Officer Choi trying to show him her reasoning. He of course tries to dismiss her until he realizes a number on the last page so he keeps the diary. Great…

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 20.45.21Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 20.45.24 Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 20.45.34Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 20.45.40 Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 20.46.15Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 20.46.20

However Soon Ae comes back to find Sun Woo apologizing to Bong Sun with flowers etc. after he realised his mistake between Seo Joon and her. However as he’s about to kiss her, Soon Ae’s feelings grow intense so the evil spirit in her pushes Bong Sun away.

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 20.51.24Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 20.50.36 Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 20.50.47

Favourite Quote

So my favourite quote comes at the ending of the episode. As soon as this happens Soon Ae realizes that the situation is now getting out of control and writes a letter to Bong Sun explaining that she no longer can posses her becuause her feelings may lead her to betray Bong Sun’s promise. But it’s what she advises Bong Sun on not always putting other people first but herself, and being selfish sometimes to ensure your own happniness. Yes Soon Ae preach!

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