Birth of a Beauty Ep 10- ShamzCapz “Happy Birthday… Sa Geum Ran” [Tae Hee]

This is probably one of my favourite episodes so far. Just because of the sheer comedy that comes out of it!

So it opens with Tae Hee’s idea to do something special for Sara’s birthday. He wants to plan a whole date till midnight so he can be the first to wish her. Supposedly, according to Ji Hoon a great idea for a date would be something cultural. I personally would disagree but Tae Hee goes for it anyway. It was cute to see that she is also getting the feels for Tae Hee as you see her reminiscing over the hug from the last episode. Also when Tae Hee comes home she immediately starts putting on make up- fiery red! She tries to hide it from Tae Hee, but come on Sara, have you forgotten already? Tae Hee is a genius, course he knows you’ve put it on for him.

Anyway so, having the over the top relationship that they do, Tae Hee brings out the red carpet but I’m sorry Tae Hee but that outfit was a no. I mean when you see the dress on its own its fine but what is with her and the silly headband things she always wears. Unfortunately it seems taking her to hear classical theatre was a poor choice given that she snores throughout the show on top of embarrassing Tae Hee. Tae Hee, confiding in Ji Hoon, next decides to buy her a necklace. Of course she being an ahjumma rejects this because of the price and instead goes to a buffet. Yes this buffet however is not your average buffet, oh no, it is in fact at the supermarket. He literally looks at her with a horrified expression. Oh and don’t forget her sprint towards the buy one get one free stall, she truly is an ahjumma.

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Tae Hee being pissed off that his plans have no been ruined gets into an argument with Sara. This is mainly over the fact that he wanted to treat her nice for her birthday but she rejects his hospitality because she’s just not that kind of woman. She also drops the bomb question- “Do you like me as Sa Geum Ran or Sara?” She states something quite important about how men always like pretty woman with a nice figure. Although I don’t completely disagree with this, as it’s true, at the same time there are circumstances where it is not.

I despised Chae Yeon when she tells Min Hyuk and his mother about her back story with Tae Hee. I mean he dressed and fed you for the majority of your life and you literally betray him. Traitor!

The unfortunate plot twist comes about when the father in-law discovers that Kang Joon is in jail for Sa Geum Ran’s murder and hospitalising Sara’s mother. Him being his dad believes Kang Joon that it was all a misunderstanding but I hope he sees through it soon. I really want someone to punch both Kang Joon and Chae Yeon. What peaks Kang Joon’s expression is when his father mentions that he saw Sara there. This is bad given that Chae Yeon already knows so soon enough they will tag team and wreak havoc.

Poor Tae Hee feels bad about not answering Sara’s question from before and he just moves around restlessly at home waiting for her to come back so he can say Happy Birthday. This was a shocker for me because I expected that when Tae Hee went out to go and find Sara they will see each other it will be all romantic and whatever. But my oh my was I surprised to see Min Hyuk instead, again with flowers and a childhood toy for Sara. Ok stalker much when he mentions he tracked down her address. I’m not sure why but she’s always so dense around him as she doesn’t seem to get his subliminal message when he mentions that he wished that he would achieve his goal, of not getting fired. I mean I guess it makes sense since he needs to protect his CEO position but I’m sure he’s hinting at something else too.

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Tae Hee does see this interaction but fails to see Min Hyuk’s face, which I was kinda expecting just for added drama. So when Sara comes home and the next morning he basically acts like a jealous kid, but still makes her the sacred seaweed soup for her birthday. He complains to her about her mixed signals and point to the fact that she clearly has feelings for him. I seriously cracked up when she replied to him with- “I do have feelings for you. But I’m still legally married”. She also tells him to think of her, as Sa Geum Ran and he will start to lose interest. What I think they both don’t see if that he actually likes Sa Geum Ran’s personality. Ok I see where she’s coming from but seriously? That’s what’s stopping you? If Jang Sang Wook said that to me that’s the deal done – #OneTwoThreeNickiMinajBlink

So Tae Hee finally comes face to face with his grandmother and It was I guess sensitive when they both start crying from seeing each other. But I don’t know why but unless it has something to do with Sae Geum Ran don’t really get into the sensitive issues as much. Maybe the comedy just takes over more.

Also it seems as if Kang Joon has upped his game to Chae Yeon’s level as he hires a private investigator to look into Sara and dish dirt on the prosecutor to bail him out. Both the investigator and Chae Yeon overhear the conversation between Tae Hee and Sara when he tells her that if she will consider dating him if he liked her for being Sa Geum Ran then to meet her that night. When I saw Chae Yeon I was like, why is this bitch everywhere! Though at first, when she tries to sabotage their meet up, Tae Hee pretty much dismisses her. #EpicFail


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Chae Yeon tries to confront Sara when she reveals that she knows about her and Tae Hee living together. I’m not sure why Chae Yeon bothers with these bitchy confrontations as it always ends with #ShotsFired


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Chae Yeon tries to preoccupy Tae Hee long enough for him not to get to the bridge on time to see Sara. However she is pretty dense about the fact that she’s not his one and only anymore. Especially after finding out about her misbehaviour. He instead gets his restaurant minion to take her home. However Sara’s already at the bridge at 10 but because of the biatch he’s late. I was really worried when Sara wasn’t there at the bridge at first, but then it turned out that she waited for him because he declared he WILL come. Awh Sara you deserve Tae Hee. Oh can’t forget the kiss scene!

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Favourite Quote?

“I know men don’t like me… I’m used to it” [Sa Geum Ran]

This quote really touched me. I felt like it resonated a lot of how I feel like on a day-to-day basis and probably a lot of other girls do too. It’s weird how although this drama is in a way superficial in its theme there are moments which does parallel reality.

Favourite/Funnies Moment?

Hands down it has to be the funny scenes where he scientifically manipulates his mind to see Sa Geum Ran not Sara. These interactions got me cracking so much because it mirrors everything that Sara did. that got him, lets say hot, but only now it Sa Geum Ran.


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But I was touched when Sa Geum Ran mentions the point that men don’t like her because she’s ugly and fat. I think we are all starved for love. Thankfully Tae Hee is that one in a million guy.


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