Birth of a Beauty Ep 9- ShamzCapz “Sa Geum Ran. You Fake.” [Chae Yeon]

Did anyone catch that slightly perverted look Tae Hee gives Sara when she’s in school uniform?

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So near the beginning Sara enters HBS quarters since now that she’s a celebrity she has landed her own cooking show. Upon hearing of her presence, Min Hyuk automatically finds her and hands her over roses. I kind of feel bad for Min Hyuk because he got rejected by his family; soon enough Sara is probably going to realise who he is and reject him too. I was smiling too widely during her ahjumma advice to him. Of course if she had done her research she would have known he was the CEO.

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Tae Hee on the other hand is attempting to release his grandmother from jail. However his efforts prove unsuccessful given that Winner Group has their barriers on lock. But that wasn’t the highlight of this moment. It was when his restaurant minion tells him he looks way too happy over a phone call. Even he can smell the romance!

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Kang Joon almost gets arrested after the recorded confession is handed over to the police. However him being the pussy he is, gets his lawyer to talk his way out of appearing. What privilege can get for you huh? He also gets suspicious as to Sara’s whereabouts at the time the incident happened. Thankfully when confronted by Kang Joon she lies by claiming she was in the bathroom when he was taken. Good on the spot thinking there Sara. Near the end of the episode however he finally does get arrested after evidence of him forcibly putting Sara’s mother in hospital. YAAS!

If I were Kang Joon I wouldn’t dismiss Chae Yeon so easily right now. He declares that he’s in love with Sara. He even goes the extra step by stating that it’s his first time feeling that way towards someone. I find this hard to believe personally given his very CLEAR commitment issues. I believe Chae Yeon agrees with me since she looks at him like he suddenly turned into a pokemon. She begins crazy laughing, but of course she finds his declaration funny and ironic since Sara is Sa Geum Ran. Kang Joon decides he wants a divorce, or of some sort because they mention that they’re not legally married because they don’t have a licence but a certificate. She lets on about the secret information she does have and tells him that they’re not getting a divorce till she says so. Clearly she wants to bring down Sara beforehand and reveal everything. But Oh my Buddha the ending of the scene! Chae Yeon, obviously smiling because she know the truth behind Sara tries to bring her down, but she didn’t see this coming. #SHOTSFIRED

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Tae Hee pieces together who exactly Min Hyuk is; this part I was confused by because I assumed he already knew who he was. Anyway you get a flashback into the past to when Min Hyuk and his mother asked to live in the house but the grandmother refused because she had Min Hyuk on purpose. She also dashed money at her instead, which I thought was a little raw. Even if it were all true. I would of just not given anything- but hey I can be a right bitch.

I was glad to find out that the mother manages to escape the mental hospital. Firstly she was smart enough to grab the nurse’s phone, I now see where Sara gets her ninja skills from, to call up Sara’s friend to tell her of what has happened. I should really remember that friend’s name. Upon hearing this Sara runs to the hospital in a bid to save her mother and Tae Hee tries to slow her down in case she does something stupid. Of course she doesn’t listen. She almost bumps into Kang Joon who goes to the hospital but as usual Tae Hee manages to grab her away from sight.

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 18.03.13Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 18.05.30 Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 18.05.34

However both of them end up arguing afterwards because he stopped her from doing anything. Do you remember in Ep 7 when Tae Hee brought up the fact that they will end up separating soon either way? Well this time Sara tells him the same when he tells complains of her illogical actions. Once he hears this you can see the realisation hit his face; I felt really bad for him as he looked like a defeated puppy. 😦 This argument causes a rift between the two, but somehow miraculously the next day its like nothing even happened. Tae Hee leaves to get her mother out of the hospital. Sara, in response, visits his grandmother to console her.

So Tae Hee finally decides to confront Min Hyuk and tell him that he is the supposed ‘dead’ grandson- Dong Gul. Have to give him credit for thinking of a way around getting a one on one with Min Hyuk. But his first attempt was just plain failure. Min Hyuk literally blanks him.

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Sara after visiting his grandmother, and revealing that her grandson is alive, relays to Tae Hee that there’s a board meeting in which they will be voting for Min Hyuk as the new CEO which he needs to stop. But Tae Hee at first refuses. Probably because he doesn’t want to get involved with it all and end up delving into the conspiracy behind his parents death. Given that he has evidence from the murder scene which could inevitably lead to the murder. Sweetly Sara persuades him by telling him since they do everything together this time will be no different. If only they knew how much of a couple they already are.

Favourite Quote?

“There are things people can’t do on their own. Crossing a wall for the first time in 20 years, having confidence lost for many years. The strength to do those things, is love” – Han Tae Hee

I picked this quote purely because of the scene leading up to it. So he finally crashes the board meeting declaring that he is in fact the missing grandson. This pretty much shocks both Min Hyuk’s mother and Chae Yeon which I was pleased by. But what comes after is even better. Once he tells Sara of his success he finally admits what they both have been feeling.

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 19.03.58Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 19.04.00 Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 19.04.01Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 19.06.46 Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 19.04.10Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 19.04.35

Favourite/Funnies moment?

When their making the bread for Tae Hee’s grandmother together; it was so kawaii! They both knead together and he even wipes flour off her face at one point. The reason why I’m so hyped is because sometimes in Kdramas this is the closest your going to get to a bed scene. (If you know what I mean)

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 18.49.07Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 18.50.33


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