Birth of a Beauty Ep 8- ShamzCapz “Any Woman will Fall for You” #TrueDat [Sara]

So after the last episode’s ending I was aching to find out exactly what was going to happen after she saw his psychoanalysis report. Tae Hee’s excuse turns out to be Alien Hand Syndrome. Yes you read that correctly- apparently it’s something that forces him to shake and stumble with his hand or something thereby writing something ridiculous on the report. Sara doesn’t seem to buy this. She asks him are you sure and his reply is “You’re not a female or male to me. You’re a third gender, an ahjumma!”. Bullshit! He tries to get defensive as he asks her the same question and she replies with the same answer. She attempts to test out her suspicion by putting on a sexy maid outfit to ‘clean’. Well she almost succeeded until she too fell for him slightly.


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This whole beginning was just ridiculous, again emphasising the exaggerated romcom relationship they both have. I on the other hand was cracking up throughout all of it! As a counter to her maid outfit plan he also teases her, in the very manly fashion of ripping his trousers off standing half naked telling her to wash his pants. This was the closet I’ve seen to him with minimal clothing so I was fanning myself with a dish (get it?). Those biceps… ❤


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Regrettably it seems the grandmother has lost her power given that when she slowly unravels the truth about Min Hyuk acquiring HBS (which Kang Joon is CEO of) to bring her down, she attempts to slap him but he grips her hand. I felt really bad because she sits there powerless with evil bitches for a family. Not gonna lie though, despite her opinion of them, from what I’ve seen so far I do feel slightly bad for him if she really did only turn to them because her other family died. Of course the whole backstory on this part still hasn’t been unravelled fully yet.

Their next plan is to elicit out of Kang Joon a confession of his murder. So Kang Joon takes Sara on a trip. They first go to a market to pick up food; this is where you see some Tae Hee jealously when Kang Joon hugs her and he from the back mimics clawing them away. Instead he gets strange looks from a little kid. Don’t worry Tae Hee you never look strange to me! He tries to justify his protectiveness as chivalry rather than him actually having the feels for ahjumma.


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Next Tae Hee using Sara’s phone number (no idea how they have it) texts Kang Joon to mind fuck him, which works since he clearly realises he now wrongly suspected Sara’s mother. Later when they’re in the car Sara brings out a bag which contains their old wedding rings and a picture of their wedding day.  Kang Joon gets shook  and ends up taking a breather to calm himself down. Though he almost crashes both of them. This doesn’t last as Tae Hee, in a car parked opposite him, sends a text claiming that Sa Geum Ran is in that car and then mirrors what happened the night of the accident. Taking advantage of Kang Joon falling unconcious after Sara boxed him on the back of the head, they bind him up in a chair. Then using a recorder with Sa Geum Ran’s voice they basically taunt him enough to get a confession out of him.

Even though their plan is successful it in a way goes to waste due to subsequent events. So afterwards Sara innocently brings him home and takes care of him like an angel. However simultaneously Ji Hoon brings back Chae Yeon back to the in-laws and bless his soul he ends up apologising on her behalf. To me the in-laws are just as bad as Chae Yeon. OH SWEET BUDDHA the moment of bitchiness between Sara and was well played out when Chae Yeon finds her nursing Kang Joon. I was so  proud of Sara when one, she pours the dirty water over her head and two, dashed her across the floor. I believe that is now 3 points to Sara! Kdramas slyly know how to get ratchet! Unfortunately after this is when their plan seems to crack. Sara’s friend comes to the in-laws blaming them for why Sara’s mum is missing. Stupidly Sara runs out and asks her whats going on etc. Like many Kdrama plots, Chae Yeon sees this interaction, thus confirming her suspicion.


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Tae Hee in this episode goes to see the grandmother’s food truck. Sadly the grandmother gets arrested, I’m assuming the stupid butler dropped a hint to the authorities on where she was. My heart broke when I saw Tae Hee so fragile during his panic attacks and almost falls. Especially when he explains later that he can’t see his grandmother without getting these attacks. But I seriously did not see Sara come to support and hug him- literally I was surprised although I feel like I should have seen it. She came out of nowhere but I think it just made the scene just extra perfect. Chae Yeon’s suspicion becomes resolved when she sees both of them going into the same house after the above incident. She also overhears Sara mentioning that her mother is missing etc. You can literally see Chae Yeon’s brain clicking the pieces together. I have to give it to her, she’s pretty and smart. But then the true evil bitches always are. Her crazy laugh though when she starts laughing from working out Sara is Sa Geum Ran.

The episode also ends with Min Hyuk, and the press, finally finding where and who Sara is after the viral video. Like I said in my previous post I have a bad feeling about this. Min Hyuk seems like the wrong person to get into a relationship with. Maybe I’m being too judgmental?

Favourite Quote?

Didn’t find a quote that stood out to me so here is a favourite moment for me. The interaction between Sara and Tae Hee after seeing his grandmother just proves that they have feelings for each other. They try to justify staying together a bit longer in order to figure out what happened to her mother in case she also gets the same panic attacks as he does when seeing his grandmother.

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Favourite/Funniest moment?

The answer to this has got to be the moment they began to compliment each other after she see’s that he bought back her wedding rings. I love seeing Jang Sang Wook’s smug expression as she tells him how Chae Yeon is an idiot for not choosing him. I definitely agree with that! He also compliments her back but what makes this my favourite moment is because they ALMOST kiss. But the damn f****** phone went off to ruin the moment!


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