Birth of a Beauty Ep 6- ShamzCapz “I’m a Liposuction specialist. I’m not the FBI” [Ji Hoon]

Had to admit the beginning itself got me cracking up in this episode. When Tae Hee is discovered to be on the treadmill for two hours just to get Sara out of his mind and compose his genius mind. Come on Tae Hee you need to just admit bro!

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Preach Sara! I mean come on what is the point in trying to keep your figure when you have no man or anyone to impress in general. Tae Hee is worried of course because his beautiful creation is eating her way to triple chins. So what does Tae Hee do to prevent this? He gives her one of his inspirational pep talks which always are so motivating. So what was the motivation this time round? The title of becoming Korea’s legend in revenge, and of course if your going to take revenge why not in style? Her revenge is definitely something unique given that she is the ‘dead’ hopeless ex-wife turned to Korea’s top beauty now coming after her husband. Before someone calls me out on it yes I did see her Spongebob jumper and yes I want it!

Can I point out that I wanted to throw a flower-pot at the mother in-laws head when she claims “that’s why its good to be a woman because all you have to do is stay home rather than go out and work”. Really? Well seems like Chae Yeon finally gets a taste of what Sa Geum Ran had to go through when she was the daughter in law of the house. No man at home, cooking, cleaning after your lazy in-laws- c’est la vie?

I loved the genius plan Tae Hee comes up with in order to bring Kang Joon onto their side just a little bit more. The part where she walks into Kang Joon’s office with the “vaccine” to cure his virus problem I began to do my slow congratulatory clap. I did not expect them to have thought that far ahead! Sara attempts to reel him in at this point which unsurprisingly works because as we all know, Kang Joon has some MAJOR commitment issues. He tries to smooth the issue by declaring he’s a married man; not like that’s stopped him before or anything.

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However he pretty quickly gives in to her, but I really liked how they brought Sa Geum Ran into the picture sitting oppositely to them commenting on how similar this situation must have been with Chae Yeon. Coincidentally Chae Yeon bumps into Sara after this. I loved how the roles evidently switched with Chae Yeon now being in the role of Sa Geum Ran. Sara blatantly tells her that she is going to make sure they divorce. I like this straight-forward approach, telling the enemy exactly how it is. Chae Yeon tries to bring her down but Sara cleverly uses Chae Yeon’s bullshit arguments back at her. She brings up the fact that she did exactly the same before marring Kang Joon. My favourite line was when Chae Yeon asks her are you trying to get revenge for Sa Geum Ran and she replies with “I’m just a little bit nosy and I stumbled upon it by coincidence. It really pissed me off”. Don’t piss me off! I like this BAWSE version of Sara.


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Even with a lie detector machine Tae Hee fails to see his feelings for ahjumma. Even Ji Hoon realises that Tae Hee may have feelings, which is undeniable given that the detector almost breaks from Tae Hee’s heart beats, especially when Sara calls him. The screen pretty much flashes LIES.

Unfortunately for the grandmother in this episode, Min Hyuk’s mother finds out that the reason behind putting the missing adverts out was to buy her some time to decrease the shares Min Hyuk has in Winner Group. She makes a pretty bold accusation when she mentions that she had to bring Min Hyuk and his mother in against her own will because his mother purposefully got her son drunk in order to bring about Min Hyuk. Have to admit I would not be surprised if it was true, as it is K-drama after all, but again it is a pretty bold statement to make. We will have to wait and see I guess.

Sara realises finally that Tae Hee is acting towards her weirdly when he keeps avoiding eye contact with her when they are plotting their master plan for the Winner Group party. He eventually does make eye contact with her but then he realises he’s making too much eye contact and snaps out of it. Come on Tae Hee just do it!

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 15.11.23Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 15.11.25Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 15.11.29Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 15.11.46Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 15.11.51Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 15.11.56Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 15.12.03Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 15.16.35

F this I'm done
F this I’m done

So let me break down their master plan. First of all Sara meets up with her mother and friend to show them a picture of her kissing Kang Joon at the restaurant. She plays the sympathy card by mentioning that he played her and kissed her two weeks before her got married.
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After this you see a snippet of an argument between Chae Yeon and Kang Joon as she complains she can’t handle the whole Sara problem; she refers back to a moment earlier in the episode where Sara purposefully bumps into Sara in the park. Honey the reason why you can’t handle it is because what you did to Sa Geum Ran is happening to you.

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Anyway back to the plan which they pursue in some sexy suits! They both looked just perfect! So the photo prompts Sara’s mother and friend to crash the party and reveal the photo with the aim of getting Chae Yeon to be disgusted. Chae Yeon herself is a disgusting bitch so she rips it up accusing them of being frauds and doctoring a scandalous photo. At this point I thought their plan was failing BUT I was completely wrong. They made it rain with party cannons shooting out photos. I was so proud of my favourite partners in crime! It was definitely a success since Min Hyuk and his mother simultaneously make their entrance and, it being a very momentous event, as soon as they saw the chaos they could have killed Kang Joon. Unfortunately for both of them the grandmother gets whiff of this promotional event and slaps the chubby cheeks out of Min Hyuk for going behind her. What was particularly interesting was how throughout all of this Min Hyuk is silent. I’m so used to seeing him exploding that it was scary seeing him very calm. I thought he would’ve clapped Kang Joon’s ass by now, especially when you see Kang Joon’s frightened face.

FINALLY you see a moment in which Tae Hee doesn’t actually show strong feelings for Chae Yeon. It’s because you’re in love with someone else!  I felt a little scared for Kang Joon when he was sitting angrily, given his day, and then all of a sudden his monitors turn on with a video of his dead ex-wife. I would have run out of there ASAP. As a consequence of this disaster the father in-law discovers the truth about the affair and goes mental on his daughters and wife since they knew and did not mention anything. They, being the bitches they are, try to place the blame on Chae Yeon. However Chae Yeon unlike them is much more intelligent, she switches the topic to when the mother in-law dashed water at Sara’s mother- I was slightly glad she did since they needed a good punishing for being awful people. Anyway Kang Joon returning to this mess ends up arguing with Chae Yeon and finds his way back to Sara’s (which was the ultimate goal) for comfort. I cannot forget to mention the DIRTTYY slap from Chae Yeon and what made it funny was when Tae Hee begins to count how many times he’s been beaten up now. 3! Unluckily for him his whole family also decided to take refuge at Sara’s as well. Nope Kang Joon you’re not getting lucky tonight.

I loved the ending of this episode. So Tae Hee is checking the results from his psychoanalysis with Ji Hoon and of course it turns out he is now ‘scientifically’ in love- not sure if these reports actually mention such things but hey it’s K-drama after all! But at the same point it switches to show Kang Joon hugging Sara and it just ends with a display of the triangle. Or is it a square once you add Min Hyuk? Or maybe it is a triangle since Kang Joon is in it for the pussy?

Favourite Quote?

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I didn’t actually catch a favourite quote so I’m going to add a favourite moment. Sara grabs Tae Hee’s hand to thank him for his help. Given his previous feelings throughout the episode he stumbles once again! Ah I can literally make a presentation on how many times he’s slowly fallen for her!

Favourite Funniest Moment?

Has to be this one! Who needs a mirror when you have a car window? (Mind you I wasn’t too fond of whatever was on her head) It seems Min Hyuk is developing a love interest for her too. He calls her beautiful when he bumps into her and her being the dense she thanks him with no second thought. Did anyone catch her ponytail double flip?


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*Before I end this post can I just say that Kang Joon’s CANNOT act angry. Like at all.


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