Birth of a Beauty Ep 4- ShamzCapz “Kang Joon, you are a player” #dontlie [Min Hyuk]

This episode was a very frustrating episode. Not because it was wasn’t up to par or anything, just because of all the events. So far this is the least comedic of the episodes and emphasise is placed on serious issues. Not gonna lie I was a little scared when at the beginning of the episode when they almost terminated their contract. At this point there is also some insight into Tae Hee’s part. When he was young he witnessed, essentially his parents death. His father tells him to wait for him but if he does not come back not to go looking for the truth. He relates this to Sara’s current situation warning her that its better not to discover the truth than have to deal with the pain. i was worried when he fell to the floor in pain from recalling the events. The scene turns into a sweet situation where Sara is nursing his wounds. it was an adorable beginning as he ends up agreeing to help her and literally the mood changes from sad to humorous, instantly. Their awesome lie about Sara fleeing from the hotel because her dog, Pink, died epic!

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Of course nothing ever goes smoothly as Chae Yeon seeing this interaction with Kang Joon decides to invite both Tae Hee and Sara to a family dinner at Kang Joon’s house. I laughed too much when Sara reveals her investigatory coat full of equipment, which Tae Hee duly approves of. This family dinner scene is probably the only comedic moment in the episode. When Tae Hee comes in that fine suit like a boss.. ahhhh ❤ Anyway Sara manages to get a hold of the supposed will which she apparently emailed. When they put two and two together it turns out her money went all to Kang Joon including land passed down from her father. What pissed me off was that on the land a building was built in Chae Yeon’s name. I think I literally took a minute to take that in. So clearly some funky business is going on here. The hilarious moment though was that they almost get caught by Kang Joon’s sister but, instead of maybe jumping into a bush, Sara hides under Tae Hee’s trench coat. This is also where you see Tae Hee fall for her a little again because she feels and starts to worry about his heart beating loudly. They manage to get past the sister and literally the family simultaneously get a text from both of them saying they left due to a broken zipper and bathroom issues. I know I was cracking up too!

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What is depressing however is that after the family dinner everything collapses which equals me screaming at my laptop screen a lot. So using Tae Hee’s little brother they perform a hypnosis to see if they can find anything else from the night of the accident. They manage to get a licence plate number. What was frustrating was that Sara for some odd reason did not see the connection with the accident and Kang Joon and was oblivious that he had a role to play. Instead she blamed Chae Yeon and I just wanted to shake her back to reality. Anyway it turns out the car was Kang Joon’s and she just collapses from the shock. As the story of the accident is revealed some more. In fact it turns out that her wanting to tell the papers about his affair spurs him to kill her. Additionally Chae Yeon knows the truth and now it makes sense how she was not at all worried about Sara, it was her form of blackmail over Kang Joon. At one point she says “this is why were perfect for each other” to Kang Joon as she was also thinking of ways to stop Sa Geum Ran. Given this turn of events they end up hurrying their marriage. Argh such a frustrating bitch! They definitely deserve each other… What is probably even more annoying is before Sara and Tae Hee rush over to the wedding, he mentions that he is going to make sure Chae Yeon knows what a horrible man Kang Joon is. He is just as blind as Sara was about Kang Joon, she’s evil Tae Hee!

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Omg was I the only one who wanted to slap the living out of Kang Joon’s mother? You know when she throws water and slaps Sara’s mother and friend. I would have ice-bucket challenged her there and then. Admittedly it seems that Sa Geum Ran was pregnant on the day of her accident! So when the mother had proof of a fertility application you can just tell Kang Joon and the rest of them were bricking it. He also just stands there watching them on the floor. But their reaction to it was just disgusting. What is even worse is when Sara discovers that her mother is kicked out of the house that Kang Joon owned and let the housekeeper live there for free. Are you serious? Ergh Thankfully Tae Hee is there for her to hold onto.

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Min Hyuk’s mother is such an evil bitch as well! She heartlessly kills the grandmother’s dog. Clever grandmother though since she ends up turning the tables causing Min Hyuk to get restless. The grandmother places an advert for her missing grandson meaning unfortunately for Min Hyuk it doesn’t look like he will be getting the company if that grandson comes forth. Ha!

Overall though I appreciated all the comedy prior to his episode but it was nice to see a different turn. Some of it did make me raise my eyebrows but so far still enjoying the melodrama aspects. This episode seems as if its setting up for the rest of the hectic events yet to come.

Favourite Quote?

“Were all innocent at birth. But in one moment some become evil. Evil turns good people into monsters. But I want to believe, in the end good will prevail”- Tae Hee. Can I just say how badass they both look at the point this quote comes on.

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Favourite/Funniest Moment?

Ok since there is limited comedy I don’t really have a funny moment. But my favourite moment is the conversation between Kang Joon and Min Hyuk have just finished rowing. During their conversation I was saying “preach” to Min Hyuk when he says “you’ve probably had more affairs than me”. To which Kang Joon replies by saying that anyone overhearing would think he is a player. Then Min Hyuk bosses this moment when he says “but you are a player”. I had to be on his side on this one. What was annoying is that Kang Joon automatically calls Sara afterwards. Argh but respect to Sara when she tells him to get lost, of course him being an absolute slag calls up Chae Yeon. Pssht #cheaphoe


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