Birth of a Beauty Ep 3- ShamzCapz “Meow?” [Sara]

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Did anyone catch the face Kang Joon makes as soon as he sees Chae Yeon? It looked like he was thinking “Damn I forgot about you…”.

So since once again their plan has failed on them Sara is forced to pawn her wedding ring to buy a killer outfit that will make Kang Joon drop head over heels for her. Of course, even though it seems clear that Tae Hee is a rich baller he refuses to pay given how much he has spent on her already. Here they come up with the next plan: having a one night stand with Kang Joon. This part was hilarious because she literally goes mental over the thought of having sex with her ex husband. No joke… She actually says at one point “Yes. Jackpot!”. They both seem to think that this is apparently the only way for them to get together  (since in Ep 2 she doesn’t want revenge but to be married to him).  Tae Hee was so cute when he seemed embarrassed by her sexual fantasy and attempts to calm down her horny needs. I love their over the top relationship.

On her date with Kang Joon my initial thought was why is she smiling so weirdly at him like that, it was really awkward. But the flashback (to her getting a nosebleed from doing exercises?) shows Tae Hee instruction to smile from that angle apparently. You can clearly tell Kang Joon is looking for that pussy when he starts to strip a little but what is even more funny is her reaction. She stares at him hungrily, horny ahjumma much? Strip! Of course Tae Hee works his magic with the restaurant event. Along with a gift the restaurant claims that they have to kiss each other for earning the best couple reward.You get a little bit of background on Tae Hee and that he is the CEO of a restaurant business I believe? Can I also point out that Tae Hee’s fake moustache looks like he’s sweating, or is that just me? Tae Hee and his restaurant minions literally celebrate once they hear that they have moved into the hotel room, and smiles smugly at his success once again. Of course because he is THE genius remember?

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Ooo that passionate kiss between Sara and Kang Joon in the hotel room!!! (Things seem to be moving real quick in this episode right?) The way she flops onto the bed seems a little too eager. But then Kang Joon  stops her because he wants to “save her” as he didn’t want just a one night stand. He wants her to give him a day to see if he has sincere feelings. I agree with Tae Hee that she is really blinded by her love because she states that Kang Joon is not a bad guy. Ermmm excuse me B but I think you are sadly mistaken. Cheater cheater pumpkin eater!

This episode introduces two new characters. First the grandson of the Winner Group President, Han Min Hyeok (you don’t actually get his name in this episode). You also get introduced to his grandmother who owns, I think, Winner Group. All these connections are so hard to keep up with! My first impression of Min Hyeok was that he clearly has anger issues. You also see a glimpse of tension between the mother and grandmother. At first I was confused but it is revealed that the son and mother are trying to take over the company. But what was interesting is when the grandmother looks at an old photo of a dead grandson, I feel there’s a connection to Tae Hee as he did mention that he was the grandson of Winner Group in Ep 1?

A favourite moment was the cute interaction with Tae Hee and Sara where he slightly stumbles as she smacks her ‘fiery red’ lipstick. Ah I just want to hug his cute face! (Too much fangirling… I apologise) He tries to compose himself with his genius mind, but we all know his instincts win over.  Credits to:


Sara’s green dress was F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S when she’s conversing with Chae Yeon- its cute yet still hawt at the same time.  I hate how Chae Yeon speaks so flippantly about Sa Geum Ran’s death. It’s like she does not see the wrong in Kang Joon and his family literally kicking out Sa Geum Ran by replacing her. Argh she really frustrates me. Of course the moment when Tae Hee comes into contact with Kang Joon and Chae Yeon, him being himself, tries to show his dominance by trying to break Kang Joon’s hand when they handshake. I’m on Tae Hee’s side just saying…

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I love this partners in crime relationship that is constant so far. After a quarrel about the others love immediately they make up quickly and resume like nothing happened.

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Their next genius plan sort of works until Kang Joon and Sara drive to the beach, which is coincidently the beach she died at. Her flashbacks to the accident kind of flops their plans. When she wakes up from her shocked slumber they both end up having an unexpected heart to heart with each other. It’s weird because during this point I was thinking how does Kang Joon manage to cheat on women so easily whilst at the same time he sometimes seems gentlemanly!? Forget that how does he manage to switch feelings so quick? They almost have sex, but she begins to realise everyone calls the accident a suicide and flees the hotel room, whilst Kang Joon is out getting her medicine. I find it funny that he seems pretty peeved by this. Poor Tae Hee thinks he has succeeded in his plan. The way he celebrates his success makes you just want to celebrate with him.

Oh Sweet Buddha, the next part I did not see coming at all! Sara heads to Kang Joon’s parents charity event to find some answers. The father in-law explains that the accident was called a suicide because there was a will that was left ‘apparently’ by Sa Geum Ran.You don’t find out what the will says however. Sara relays this to Tae Hee. It switches to Kang Joon who is still fuming because she’s blanking his calls, but a flashback is shown possibly indicating that Kang Joon had something to do with the accident. But I was slightly confused because it didn’t seem to show him knocking her out so I’m not entirely sure? But it seems to indicate he did, I was actually warming to Kang Joon’s kindness (bar his obvious commitment issues) but now I’m thinking nah.

Favourite Quote?

“When people have happiness in front of them, they get a bad feeling. They hope their bad feeling is wrong. But unfortunately the bad feeling is always right”. Han Tae Hee. I feel like all my favourite quotes are gonna come from the ending of the episode since he always finishes with such philosophical quotes.

Favourite/Funniest Moment?

My favourite part of the whole episode is Sara’s karma sutra yoga session. it all makes sense since their plan is to have a one night stand. A woman needs to be prepared right? What made this part hilarious was Tae Hee’s reactions to her yoga, yes Tae Hee a girl in yoga pants will definitely have you flapping a dish to cool down. She must have worked hard on that butt because it was on point! It gets even more intense when she asks him to help her. I was cracking up at the point where she asks him to pull more and he replies with “more?!”, and ends up checking out her hakuna matataas (if you know what I mean). Hands up for the sexual innuendos here. Tut tut Tae Hee you gotta learn to hide that! I love when he runs into his room in embarrassment and tries to focus on seeing her fat being sucked out of her during plastic surgery to calm down his horny needs.

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