Birth of a Beauty Ep 2 – ShamzCapz “Thats it. Reel Him In.” [Han Tae Hee]

Here’s a quick recap of all the main highlights of episode 2! Feel free to comment on your opinions! Sorry for the late post Uni has got me stressed like…

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The main part of this episode was the numerous plans both Tae Hee and Sara attempt in order to seduce Kang Joon. What made me absolutely laugh uncontrollably was Tae Hee’s reactions and their absolute flops. So it turns out also that Tae Hee used to be in some sort of relationship with Chae Yeon which explains his dedication to help Sara. Also it turns out he’s not a doctor, but Sara still seems to call him doctor…

Korea's top beauty and my genius mind. Nothing can stop us!
Korea’s top beauty and my genius mind. Nothing can stop us! Credits to:

They fucked up real bad in the beginning but they get better. She tries to seduce Kang Joon by flirting mysteriously. Of course both Tae Hee and Sara fail to realise that of course he isn’t gonna pay attention to her when his new finance is around, come on guys he’s not stupid! I wasn’t absolutely in love with her dress either, it looked like curtains just sneezed on her, but thats besides the point I think. I was too busy giggling over their reenactments of their plan. Of course Sara and her still ever-present feelings for Kang Joon fucks things up and she begins hiccuping. My reaction? ‘AWKWARD TURTLE’!




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Their next attempt is a fishing adventure which also slightly fails as again, Sara’s feelings get the better of her when she finds out that the grandma has passed away. She literally belly flops into the lake. Classy! In the background Tae Hee just goes crazy with frustration of his plan constantly failing and you just want to give him a hug because he’s so cute when he’s frustrated! (Ok maybe that’s just me in my fantasy world).But somehow Kang Joon manages to ask her out which I slightly (only slightly) thought he was being loving. Of course this makes Tae Hee happy, and of course myself also! BUT Tae Hee don’t think you got away with that glimmer of admiration when you were holding here, looking at her that way, I saw that!


Credits to: Credits to:

Their plans begin to work so well, from her playing the piano at the charity event for Kang Joon’s parents to moving in nearby and offering rice cakes as a new ‘neighbour’. Of course the whole neighbour event was because of them being kicked out of Tae Hee’s fake house because it turns out to be his little brothers. I’m curious as to Tae Hee’s actual background. You get a glimpse of his rich background but it is still very minimal.

By the end of things they’ve managed to “catch Kang Joon and reel him in”. Not gonna lie if i was in Kang Joon’s position and this girl called Sara seemed to be everywhere, literally everywhere I would be suspicious as to these strange coincidences. She’s donated 100,000 to charity, helped my parents, moved close by, likes fishing. Stalker? Nah she wants me!

Reel him in!
Reel him in! Credits to:

Of course I wasn’t surprised when Kang Joon completely blanked his finance’s call to meet up with Sara, not to say this as a blanket statement but why would you carry on with a guy who cheated on his wife. Would you not be wary as to whether it will happen again? If i didn’t know that Sara was the real ex wife I would have considered her a home wrecker, plus it doesn’t seem like it is real love. She still thinks he actually likes her but it’s just a repeat of previous events.

I literally screamed “OH SHIT” when Chae Yeon pulls up to see them. I though it was pretty quick in terms of unraveling events, but I was literally like: oh shit oh shit ohhh shit! But the ending was pretty well done since it shows all four of them looking at each other and represented all their four perspectives as well.

That smug look tho...
That smug look tho… Credits to:

Favourite quote?

“What you see isn’t everything. If you want to understand whats happening before our eyes, look at the past. The present is the result of the past.” Han Tae Hee

Favourite/Funniest moment?

It has got to be the gym scene! OMG his sexy sexy s-e-x-y arms… *drool*. But of course I haven’t forgotten Sara’s fit, banging body. If I was a guy, I’d definitely tap that.

Those Biceps...
Those Biceps… Credits to:

Anyway putting aside the too much sexiness in one scene, I was impressed with her weight reps, and so was Tae Hee it seems. But its gotta be the moment she ends up begging him for food. I also need to sneakily add the moment where Tae Hee manages to motivate Sara by her obsession with food. Have to admit that probably would have worked for me too.


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Exactly what my face would look like if I was talking to Jang Sang Wook Credits to:

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