Birth of a Beauty Ep 1 – First Impressions “Korea’s Top Beauty and My Genius Mind” Revenge? Please! [Han Tae Hee]


I wish I had her body...
I wish I had her body…

I know its been a while since my last post but final year and studying the law does not bode well in terms of time management. But anyway back to the K-drama! So by the time I’ve posted this post I’ve probably watched nearly 10 episodes already because you know we K-drama lovers watch a series a day.

The first episode unravels the storyline by the end of the episode. Essentially this drama revolves around Sa Geum Ran (or Sara as she is later known as) in her plan for revenge on her husband, Lee Kang Joon, for cheating with another woman, Gyo Chae Yeon. Along her adventure Han Tae Hee is her sensei in succeeding. My initial thoughts of this drama is pretty positive. I was laughing constantly and the portrayal of SGR’s story was heart-breaking. Overall if you’re looking for a romantic drama with plenty of comedy this is definitely one to watch. The acting does not fall short either- this is pretty much a given  just by looking at the cast. May I add that Joo Sang Wook is the male lead? What more could you want! I’m seriously looking forward to a shower scene. 😀

Call me maybe? Credits to:
Call me maybe?
Credits to:

Main Highlights

As I have mentioned above I loved this drama from the get go. However this drama is highly superficial, in terms of the themes that underly it. In the beginning the drama is centred on a ‘overweight’ tied down housewife who applies for plastic surgery for herself to look ‘beautiful’, already you can see what I mean. Even the episode starts off with a broadcast on the ‘perfect beauty’ and the rise of plastic surgery shifting straight to the new SGR (Sara) and how she fits this description.



tumblr_nefmpgpZpz1qbtln4o2_1280Credits to:

Credits to:

At first Sara (played by Han Ye Seul) comes across as a little ditzy and naive. But you have got to admit she is drop-dead gorgeous and fits the part perfectly! Even the foreigners at the beginning were like: “I’d definitely tap that”. She also comes across as extremely sensitive and you see this through her empathy to SGR’s story. At this point she still doesn’t know SGR is actually herself. I really did like the way SGR’s story was illustrated, although it was a little typical and of course over exaggerated, it still was disheartening. Lying in wait for her husband who she literally catches cheating on her on top of which having to deal with her ridiculously superficial in-laws. It was frustrating to see them make fun out of her constantly and she just takes it. Moreover they support the stupid side chick!?! Of course, unsurprisingly for K-dramas, the in-laws are concerned with SGR ruining their reputation more than anything. -_- Of course because being ‘fat’ and ‘ugly’ ruins reputations for families.

Never trust a man with a sidechick...  Credits to:
Never trust a man with a sidechick…
Credits to:

If it was me I would have left that toxic     household and his sorry ass! Along with slapping the in-laws. On top of this Gyo Chae Yeon (side chick) has the guts to patronise her and put herself on a pedestal. Like she was no home-wrecker. I probably would have grabbed her by her weave and poured coffee on her smug face. SGR’s only haven in the house is the grandmother, despite her dementia. I was surprised to see Kim Young Ok playing the grandma because I’m so used to see her playing a strong matriarch in a lot of the dramas previously. Anyway I liked that although the whole makeover concept is a little over played, as well as fat shaming sympathy, they have managed to interesting with the light humour and simple sensitive story of SGR.

I was shocked to find out that SGR commits suicide and the family literally took in the side chick (yes I refuse to use her name). Although I’m not entirely sure why it was called suicide when she hadn’t actually seemed to insinuate it. Of course so many life lessons learnt through K-dramas. I was wondering why they decided to get them married together in the first place, although I have a feeling it was money as at one point SGR mentions financing his career.

My main highlight was Han Tae Hee’s character (played by Jang Sang Wook). My man… *sigh* Of course it was because of Jang Sang Wook I decided to watch this drama… too much sexy for me to handle. The relationship between HTH and Sara is too funny and I love that both of them were casted as the leads. I can’t really comment on their chemistry yet because nothing has really started. Their encounter on the beach with the chase scene had me in giggles. I’m not going to spoil the conversation on in the beach scene because it’s better if you watched it for yourself.

Runnnnn Credits to:
Credits to:

But I NEED to comment on his top-notch secret security surveillance equipment behind his bookcase to plot their revenge… I was cracking up!  Oh how I love K-drama exaggerations! One thing I was curious about was why he seems so dedicated to help her.

Never mess with a woman out for revenge... Credits to:
Never mess with a woman out for revenge…
Credits to:

The side characters were played well but I’m too pissed off with their stupid characters to say anymore. Anyway my overall opinion is if you’re looking for something light-hearted with romance this is definitely one to watch. 🙂 I’m going to be providing recap as I go long of course so make sure to check them out! ^-^

Favourite Quote?

I think this sums it up for me…

 Credits to:
We certainly do… *sigh* Credits to:

Favourite/Funniest Moment?

Of course it has to be the transformation of SGR to Sara! I always love those scenes, especially the awkward moment where he keeps saying more and more for her plastic surgery. Then he casually slips a silicon cup on the mannequin’s butt cheeks. As they say cheeks need to be on fleek. What made me literally laugh really loud was the way he sighed when he touched those butt cheeks! Ahhh Jang Sang Wook forever a favourite!


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